Ziga Rezar

Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer


About Me

I'm Žiga Rezar, an audio engineer. Or an audio geek, maybe that would describe me even better.

In the past 10 years, I have worked for the national TV and Radio as a mixing engineer, built and ran a recording studio and mixed live gigs and streaming concerts. I've also been working as a developer and product designer for mix:analog.

In mid 2020 I've relocated to Cologne, Germany to pursue my geeky side of audio engineering and have joined Brainworx Audio as a DSP developer.

I'm available as a mixing- (from anywhere with an internet connection) and as a recording engineer in the Cologne area.

As an engineer by education, I will make sure that whatever goes through my hands will be techically immaculate. As a musician and a songwriter by heart, I will give my all to understand the piece of art you are trying to create and support you in that by bridging the gap between tech and emotion.


Alen, Matic - TakeOFF

Žiga is one of the easiest guys to work with... He always gives his 100%, no matter the music genre he's involved in. His knwoledge of sound and technology is just amazing. You want a guy like him hanging around in the studio telling you what to do!



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