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The new Srd album in out!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

A few days ago, the new Srd album has premiered on the Black Metal Promotion channel.

As befits a proper metal album, it took its fair share of sweat, nerves, and sleeping hours to get done, but in the end, I can say with confidence that we made something that matters and we're proud of. And we've become good friends along the way.

Srd are a Slovenian Black Metal / Black 'n' Roll band that don't buy into the western imperative of voicing your stories in english. It might seem like closing doors to the wider public at first, but the sincerity of expression gained from this decision, I think, far outweighs that notion, and more and more listeners actually enjoy something more exotic. It sounds raw, primal, pagan. Just like proper black metal should.

I've been involved as a recording and mixing engineer for this album and Gregor Zemljič took care of the mastering. Give it a listen and if you find its sound intriguing or to your liking in any other aspect, feel free to contact me either on facebook or via the contact form on the webpage.

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